Matthew 11:19

The son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘look, a glutton and a winebibber, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ But wisdom is justified by her children. ”

I believe is shining light on the insecurities of man. When people get challenged in their beliefs it is an uncomfortable feeling. It’s so much easier to stay in your own world. To grow you must be uncomfortable, and to be uncomfortable is well uncomfortable. Whether from pain in the joints from a growth spurt, or learning a new skill. It’s out of our comfort zone. I can only imagine what carbon (if it was a living organism) would feel life while under immense pressure to become a diamond, or a samurai sword in its many layers of being heated and hammered over, and over, and over. The end product is amazing! A perfect diamond, the hardest substance in the world, or a samurai sword perhaps the finest strongest blade in the world.
More over, when we are self-centered and comfortable we tend to point out stupid little things that hold no weight. In order to feed our skepticism, that stay in our cynical thoughts. This keeps us from becoming that diamond Good intends us to be. Jesus condemns this attitude. I believe God intended for us to be His diamonds, all of us. However, he gives us the freedom to choose for ourselves. The journey is so important, more important than the start! It’s in the journey that we choose him or not. The end product is proof of the journey. “But wisdom is justified by her children.” Just as you can see the facets in a diamond and know how long is been under pressure, or the strength of a samurai sword by its many layers, so is wisdom grown by our willingness to be uncomfortable and grow to be the man or woman God created us to be.

Application: Today I will let go of my worry for my sisters, and the feeling of having to be the mediator. For the conflict they are going through. Letting God and fully trusting that he is far more qualified to comfort and care for them!


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